A Couple of Health & Fitness Tips for Making 2021 Your BEST Year Yet!

Have a goal and set your focus, by Matthew Huges - Personal Trainer

So you’ve decided to get fit? Congratulations! Good on you for taking the first step! I just have a few questions, feel free to answer them or allow some food for thought:

- What’s your main health and fitness goal?
- How do you feel about yourself currently and how close do you believe you are already to attaining your goal? (0-10)
- Do you have the resources or knowledge available to achieve this goal?
- How are you going to feel when you’ve achieved this goal?

The mind is a powerful tool when utilised correctly, you’d be amazed at how
important this step is, as the body will only adapt to the environment we
give it and the focus we give our attention to.

Start small, then start building your foundation

When deciding to eat healthily and get fit, it’s only natural for our mind to make a total mess of things. We overthink, we overthink, we overthink. Committing sometimes to too much and then phasing out because it was too difficult to maintain. So my tip on this one is to start small, here are a few ideas to get you started:

- Change your white bread to wholemeal bread.
- Commit to a few push-ups a day, then after a while chuck in a few
- Before deciding whether or not you want to train, chuck on your gym
gear and joggers, then decide. ( I bet you’ll do it)
- In the wise words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “Put the cookie down!” And
well, just eat an apple instead.

Keep yourself accountable

So we’ve set goals, we’ve gotten our sleep, we’ve meditated, done a couple of push-ups and we’re eating healthy, fantastic!

So what can we do now to keep going once the initial buzz wears off? 
(I’ve been training for 12 years and even struggle keeping myself accountable at times)
Here are a few treats that have helped me and many others keep committed to the long-term:

- Reminders on your phone; set ‘em, and go get ‘em. Have a time-frame
dedicated for you and your goals, set that alarm, go-go gadget and you’re off!
- Use a coach, friend, partner, dog, cat, whatever, use ‘em. I’m certain if you set a routine for daily morning workouts that involve some sort of walk, your dog will keep you accountable, no doubt.
- Mind maps, I LOVE ‘em! Use the mind map to find anything and everything great for the future of when you attain the goal and/ or the process of attaining your goal.

Rest up/ meditate n’ chill out

Sleep, eat, train, eat, repeat.

Sleep is vital for repairing of muscle fibres and sustainability for long-term focus.

We live in a fast-paced society, with technology at our fingertips and it can be difficult to turn off at times, so my suggestion here for sleep is: *Turn it off*. Set a routine to put the electronics away and sit in silence if need be or get prepared for tomorrow.

If you’re struggling to get over 6 hours sleep a night, I’d recommend chucking on some meditation music and giving yourself 20 minutes of peace and serenity.
This isn’t only a tip for those of you who are seeking to attain a more healthy and fit lifestyle, but anyone, in general, can enjoy the benefits of meditation, because you deserve 20 minutes of peace in this fast-paced world.

A few little tips from me to you are:

- Find a safe space in your house or in nature
- Set your intention for your meditation, such as seeking more balance
and prosperity in your life
- Inhale all the beauty life has to offer, exhale all that no longer

Enjoy the process; The learning is in the climbing of the mountain, not reaching its peak

I leave you with what I believe to be the most important tip of all,
inspired by one of my favourite movies “Dan Millman – The Peaceful Warrior.”

It sounds novel, to enjoy the process of training hard, working out and being a little more strict on yourself when it comes to eating, but there are perks.
In the process of enjoying “the process” you’ll learn more about yourself, ranging from what your limits are, your capacities, your boundaries and your stressors.

I hope you’re inspired to reach the top of the mountain, to become your best, but not stop when you do so, to continue to support yourself and now others to become their best.

This final tip has no dot points, merely a message to live your life to the fullest and encourage others to do the same. Have an absolutely phenomenal 2021, you deserve it!


Before starting any exercise regime for the first time, it’s advisable to have a doctor’s check-up and clearance, especially if you have any conditions that may require it. Regular check-ups are also important so you know where you are at with your health.

If you'd like to find out more regarding working with Matthew you can reach him at [email protected] or on 0401 154 623

A Couple of Health & Fitness Tips for Making 2021 Your BEST Year Yet!
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