Five tips to...

Improve posture, reduce headaches, lose weight and manage acute injuries...

Improve posture

  1. Sit and stand tall
  2. Sit with your bottom to the rear of the seat
  3. Ensure desks are set up correctly when working at the computer
  4. Exercise often
  5. See your physiotherapist for a postural assessment and correction 

Reduce headaches

  1. Maintain upright posture
  2. Limit time tilting head forward looking at screens
  3. Heat tight neck muscles
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Have you neck assessed by a physiotherapist 

Lose weight

  1. Move regularly
  2. Choose the right food
  3. Exercise often
  4. Drink water 
  5. Have a consultation with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist who can prescribe safe exercises 

Manage acute injuries

  1. Rest – to limit further damage and inflammation
  2. Ice – 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off
  3. Compression bandages or stocking can assist to reduce swelling
  4. Elevate the injured area above the heart
  5. Call our friendly team for a thorough assessment and treatment of the injury

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Five tips to...