Do you have an on-site rehabilitation gym?

Yes, we have a generous, air-conditioned gym to ensure you have access to the right equipment for your recovery.

What should I bring to my first physiotherapy treatment?

Bring along any relevant x-rays, correspondence from doctors and scan results if you have them, your private health card (if you are a member) and a form of payment for your treatment, cash or a credit/debit card.

What should I wear to a physiotherapy session?

The appropriate clothing to wear will depend on the area of your injury. We recommend wearing something that can be easily moved to expose the problem area. For example, if it's an injury to the lower limbs, wearing or bringing shorts is advisable. For the upper body, a singlet is recommended. At Hastings Physio and Health, your privacy and comfort will always be respected.

How long will my appointment last?

Our appointments usually last for 30-60 minutes. Please allow plenty of time to ensure that you receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment session.

Will I get a reminder for my upcoming physiotherapy appointment?

Yes! Once we have your mobile number in our system, you will receive a reminder the day prior to your appointment. If you can't make the appointment for any reason, we would appreciate a call to reschedule your appointment.

How many physiotherapy treatments will I need to get better?

In your initial assessment, your therapist will give you a recommended action plan. Here we outline your treatment program and how many sessions we estimate will get you back to full health. We'll check your progress regularly throughout this period to ensure you maintain a good recovery pace. 

Can I get an appointment today?

Our team will do everything they can to provide same-day appointments. If you need urgent treatment, please book online or call our friendly team.

Do you talk to my doctor?

Yes, depending on the type of treatment needed, it may be necessary to coordinate with your physician to provide the best available options.

What if I just want a massage?

We regularly recommend massage treatment to our physiotherapy clients as a follow-up to help with maintenance after recovering from specific injuries; however, you don't need to see one of our physiotherapists first to have treatment by one of our skilled massage therapists. Just book an appointment for a massage!

I'm having surgery. Do you provide Post-Operative rehabilitation?

Yes, we do! Our physiotherapists work alongside your surgeons to formulate a customised rehabilitation plan. You can be assured that our therapists will provide optimal support in your post-operative rehabilitation and recovery.
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